"A big thank you to the Smile for Georgie team for the installation of our Petanque court. The residents and staff have been enjoying the recent lovely weather outside and it has proved to be a great success with our residents and getting the relatives, young and old involved in this group activity. Another great act of kindness from the Smile for Georgie Foundation."
"I am writing on behalf of us all here at GVS to say an enormous thank you for providing the cupcakes to deliver to our Meals on Wheels clients yesterday.
It was such a treat for them as for the most part, they are unable to get out and about to enjoy a cake as much as they would want to. It certainly brought a smile to their faces!"
"Our beautiful roses in full bloom at Coolderry House Residential Home, which were kindly donated by Smile for Georgie Foundation earlier this year. Thank you so so much they have brought a lot of smiles and joy for our residents and visitors."
"I would like to thank you for taking me and my two children to Herm. We all had such an amazing time. You are such lovely people to do what you do, thank you so much x"
"Thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon, me and my three girls loved every minute. Well done to everyone who was involved."
"Had such an amazing evening with the children tonight. They are still awake telling me their favourite bits. It was their first time going to Herm, they were truly spoilt on an unforgettable trip and they got to see dolphins and puffins too. We had a blast, thank you so much."
"Thank you so much for a wonderful trip to Herm today, me and the kids loved it! Seeing the dolphins too was a brill bonus."
"I would just like to say from the bottom of my heart a massive thank you to all involved in arranging such a phenomenal evening in Herm. Me and my children had the most amazing time and you have given them some awesome memories. From start to finish we didn't stop smiling! We can't thank you enough, we feel so privileged to have been invited. "
"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a fantastic evening in Herm and for all of the events you put on. Myself and my kids loved every minute of it."
"Thank you very much for a lovely evening in Herm, we really enjoyed ourselves."
"What a wonderful and thoughtful charity. Myself and my son are so grateful for the time we spent in Herm yesterday, you guys did amazing. We definitely were and still are smiling for Georgie."
"Thank you for putting on a great evening for all the children yesterday. Both my son and myself very much enjoyed it."
"Bless your angel soul Georgie. Smile upon your mum's good works. "
"Thank you from me and my children for a brilliant night in Herm."
"Was lovely to see so many happy children tonight in Herm. I'm sorry I never met Georgie but was glad to share the smiles and see Andre. Fabulous."
"Good morning

I just wanted to say a big thank you for funding everyone’s bus fares on the 41 bus last week. When I collected my ticket initially I thought the bus driver had a spare ticket he was giving me. It was only when I checked the ticket I realised that it was funded by your foundation.

I really appreciate the generosity, it was a great idea.

Thank you again

When I took my daughter for her playdate on Wednesday and I recieved free pass which was provided by your charity.
It was such a generous surprise and my daughter Ellie had a great time with her friend.

I read about Georgie's story and I'm so sorry about the accident.
I believe that her kindness and her family's good will will keep living in island's people's heart.

Thank you for your gift.

Best regards
Little Ellie's mother
"Good evening, it has taken me an embarrassing amount of time to get round to sending you a message to say a huge thank you for our lovely trip to Herm.
It was through the Community Nurses that we came to join you and they were right. It was just the fun treat that we all needed. Our littlest one has not stopped asking daily to return on the boat to Herm!
Many thanks,
"Hi, I just thought I would message you to say a massive thank you so much for the trip to Herm this week. My children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did I. It was such a lovely afternoon/evening, my children really needed it as they have had a very hard couple of months whilst my disabled partner was in hospital after he fell and broke his femur. It was lovely for us to relax and enjoy ourselves :)

"I would just like to thank you for the trip to Herm, it was absolutely wonderful. I wouldn't have been able to afford to take my son if it weren't for your foundation. He had a wonderful time and I wanted to say thank you personally. x

"Thank you again for the Smile for Georgie Foundation. This year was longer and better thanks to your continued support. It is a very special group that is powerful for the children and staff.

Denise - The Sunflower Trust"
"Thank you very much for the tickets to the accidntal zoo, my son is 3 years old and he absolutely loved it. Your help and support means I am able to do things with him that I wouldn't of been able to and it means so much xx"

I've just arrived back from the concert this evening. Songs for Smiles.

OM goodness, I just had to put something in writing straight away to say how bowled-over myself and my children were about the performance. It was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for putting this concert on without any charge and for making it such a fantastic evening for us all (I was the one crying my eyes out just before the interval in the front row!) It was one of the most moving events I have ever been to, and we would like to thank you for your act of kindness and generosity.

With many thanks to you all,

Best wishes

Sarah (Burchett)"
"Good morning. My family went on the Herm trip yesterday and I just wanted to say a massive thank you. The children had the most amazing time. It was so lovely to see. We had a wicked time playing with them as well. At one point, I was just looking around the beach at all the happy little faces ... It was just amazing.

Thank you so much.
Jen xx"
"I would like to say a massive thank you to the Smile for Georgie Foundation for a fantastic day in Herm and for treating us all to tea at the Mermaid. Then we went to Shell Beach for fun and games, all the children enjoyed themselves (and for the ice cream before we got the boat back to Guernsey). We all saw some dolphins on the way way, it was great to see all the children with smiles on their faces. You have all been wonderful and made all the children and adults very happy. It was lovely to make some memories, so keep up the great work you do because without this Foundation many children wouldn't of had the pleasure of going to such places without you all.

So once again a Big Thank You!

Sharron-Dawn Bishop"