Sunday 02 September 2018

The Smile For Georgie Skydive

The annual Guernsey Skydive event took place over the August bank holiday weekend and thanks to the effort of our amazing 23 jumpers (pictured), £6,000 was raised for the Smile for Georgie Foundation.

‘Many of those jumping for the foundation knew Georgie and we all wanted to celebrate her life,’ said Jenny, Georgie’s mother.

‘My daughter Annie and I jumped last year and when we realised how much support we had from the local community it encouraged us to set up our own charity. I did my first skydive ten years ago, and at that time Georgie was only 14 years old and too young to jump. It was always on her bucket list and she managed to fulfil her dream 4 years ago so it was a natural decision to promote skydiving as a fund raiser.’

Sandy Ozanne was one to take part this year for the Smile for Georgie Foundation.

‘I loved the experience – it was truly the most terrifying but exhilarating moment of my life to date.’
‘I have bungee jumped off a viaduct in the South of France and did a paraglide off a mountain in the Alps, but neither compared to the Skydive. The best part was swirling around the skies with the parachute feeling as light as air.’

‘Georgie was a close work colleague of mine at Mourant and she is missed every day by all of us who had the pleasure of sharing our working hours together. The Smile for Georgie Foundation is such a fantastic homage to a young lady who brought cheer to anyone she met and she really did have the biggest smile.’

Skydive Jersey is returning to Guernsey again in 2019 for the August bank holiday weekend again, (24th -26th) with Jenny’s husband Andre having already signed up for his first tandem jump.

Places are limited so if you would like to jump for the foundation and would like more information on how to book places please contact Jenny at [email protected]

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