Thursday 14 November 2019

Peter Le Vasseur Artwork – OPEN TO BIDS!

The Charity is inviting bids for the original Peter Le Vasseur work consisting of six miniature images that inspired the artwork for his wife Linda’s book entitled “Santas Circus”. The original paintings are being displayed in Winks the jewellers in town and can be seen on our Facebook page and Website, both of which will reflect the highest bid received so far.


Bids will be accepted until midnight on 15 December and are to be made by email to [email protected]. Please elect if you want your bid to be anonymous.


The paintings are beautiful and will not only make a wonderful Christmas present but should also appeal to collectors of Peter’s works. We will also be giving a signed copy of Linda’s limited edition book to the successful bidder. The book has been donated to us by the Guille Alles library.