Monday 09 April 2018

Martin & Martin Patois jewellery launch

Guernsey jeweller Martin & Martin has introduced a new range to their renowned Patois collection, inspired by local charity the ‘Smile for Georgie Foundation’.

The jewellery features a rose, which is the emblem of the foundation, and the legend “I faot s’en r’maette et sourire”, patois which translates into “Remember and Smile”.

A commission from each item sold will be donated to the foundation.

Martin & Martin are excited by the introduction of their first piece of 3D patois jewellery and hope that it will have a wide and positive appeal for local customers and visiting shoppers.

The foundation initially approached Martin & Martin to ask the business if they would be willing to donate a prize for their first fund raising event. Their discussions captured the jeweller’s imagination and prompted them to introduce a new line in their patois range.

Emma Pang of Martin & Martin said: “We were looking to partner with a local charity and we remember Georgie who was a customer. The concept is that people will want to buy the ‘Remember and Smile’ jewellery as a celebration of an important personal event in their lives”.

The line comprises a charm and pendant, the latter featuring a rose, in sterling silver, with the option to have the rose in 9 or 18 carat yellow or rose gold. The jewellery made its shop debut on 3 April 2018.

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