Saturday 02 May 2020

Community Colouring Competition – WEEK 5

Week 2 Results Are:


5–7 yrs Winner – Woody Allen
Chris comments– Amazingly neat colouring in and Woody has shown that he has clearly had fun with this especially with the choice of unusual colours, overall it has a very strong sense of style about it.
8–11 yrs Winner – Maddison Le Sauvage 
Chris comments-I love the vibrancy of the colours and the attention to detail with the colouring in of every little section is amazing, I also love the areas where Maddsion has been inventive with adding her own interpretation to things such as making a sunset sky and adding the ‘stay safe’ words in the sea.
I have also attached the week 5 illustration the winners will be announced on 23 May.

Please remind everyone that week 3 is due in and will be announced on 9 May and the week 4 result will be on 16 May