Wednesday 13 May 2020

Community Colouring Competition – Week 3 RESULTS

Grace Steer (Age 5)
Grace has taken great care to colour in every single element bar the white fluffy clouds and I love the fact that she decided to add in her own sun beaming down in the top right of the picture.
Charlotte Feist (Age 8)
Charlotte has clearly enjoyed using every coloured pen in her set and has truly embraced the rainbow theme creating a brilliantly vibrant picture. I really like the fact Charlotte has been so inventive with the colouring in, adding a rainbow of colours to the boat, ropes and even the alien in the cabin!


Gentle reminder that:

Colouring week 4 is due in before 16 May

Colouring week 5 is due in before 23 May 

Colouring week 6 is due in before 30 May