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Smile For Georgie – Treasure Hunt

Smile for Georgie A4 Walk Cycle Treasure Hunt Maps 2021 (Cycling)

Smile for Georgie A4 Walk Cycle Treasure Hunt Maps 2021 (Walking)

Treasure Hunt Questions 2021 (Links to seperate download within browser)

10 Smile Walk/ Cycle Treasure Hunt Questions

Start at La Villette

1 .What is played at La Villette Hotel
2. What bird presides over the water feature at Casa Mia in Rue De Grons
3. Who are the dental surgeons at Temple View Dental Practice

Start at La Barbarie

4. What number bus stops next to the Barbarie Hotel
5. What hazard is stated on the caution sign on the tree on the left side of La Motte Road

Start at Les Douvres

6. How many hotels are mentioned on the lamp post by Les Douvres Hotel
7. What date is on the Captains Inn
8. How much is a staycation at the Bella Luce hotel , excluding the dining credit
9. What in the large painted insect in St Martins School playground
10. In the offices of Nordben, what predominant colour is the animal in the window
11. Name the house next to Fitzgerald Photographers
12. When you enter Rue De La Quevillette name the first lane on your right which you pass
13. What is the date on the Parish Boundary between St Martins and St Andrews
14. What is on the sign above the door on the house opposite the entrance to the Underground Hospital
15. As you approach the end of this lane (La Vassalerie) what number is on the electricity box on the left hand side.

Start at Last Post (Mint)

16. What is next to the lounge bar door at the Last Post
17. State the collection time and number on the post box outside The Old Post in Rue Frairies
18. What is the speed limit on the road that runs up to the Little Chapel
19 Leaving Les Grais Lane as you climb the steep hill what is in front of the letter box of the house called Le Glee
20 What is for sale on the hedge on the left hand side as you cross over the road into a lane sign posted “Route Tranquille”

Start at the Farmhouse

21. Name the goat in front of the Farmhouse Hotel
22. How many windows are there in the main house of Bruce Russell facing the road
23. What is the number of the first access gate to the airport after Bruce Russell and next to Les Frances Farm
24 What fresh produce is advertised at Lesbirels on the “For Sale” sign
25 What plant is placed on either side of the Edible Guernsey store
26. What is in the tree at the house with all the smiley pots
27. Opposite Petersfield Garden Centre and in the entrance to JA Briggs commercial site, which business is in the “1st unit on the left side”
28. As you turn into the road to La Corbiere, what number is on the electric box
29. Who would drink from La Corbiere Abreuvoir
30. After the Ickle Pickle store look for a sculpture on the left hand side. What is in it
31. Once on the cliff path find a plaque on the left hand side. What does it read

Start at Le Gouffre

32. What is the name of the cottage at Le Gouffre restaurant. (Walkers only)
33. How name horses are on the gate of Les Fontenelles Farm
34. How many chimneys are in the first row of cottages on the right hand side as you enter Le Variouf village
35. Which century does the Le Variouf Abreuvoir date back to
36. What price does “an eat in or takes out pizza” at The New Manor Hotel start from
37. What date is on Le Bourg Pump at the top of the hill (Cyclists only)
38. How many white squares are there on The Self Store logo (Cyclists only)
39. How many gate pillars are there at the Forest Cemetery (Cyclists only)
40. What is the gate code to get into the Equestrian fields/complex (Cyclists only)
41. What is the date above the door at a house called Forest Lodge. (Walkers only)
42. As you exit the water lanes what is the warning to dog owners. (Walkers only)
43. What sits outside the front door of the house known as Rock House in Les Nicolles (Walkers only)
44. What is the number on the lamp post as you turn left into Ruette Des Fosses (Walkers only)Treasure Hunt Questions 2021

  • 1 August 2021 - 31 August 2021